Spring is really, truly here!!! That lovely light green color adorns the trees that are leafing out. The song birds are busy attracting their mates, building nests and greeting each sunrise with their cacophony of songs! More people are out working in their yards, or walking, hiking, bicycling, jogging. Despite some slight dips in temperature occasionally, the majority of recent days have been warm.

One thing is almost certain in the spring time….getting outside more leads to more activity! You might find yourself moving or bending and stretching in new, springtime ways as you engage in seasonal activities and you might experience some unpleasant muscle soreness or achy joints at times. It’s important to pay attention to those muscles and joints. They’re crying out for some love! Offer them a little TLC.

Privai’s Muscle Therapy Lotion is just the product to treat those sore, stressed muscles and achy joints. Specifically blended with Rosemary, Camphor and Eucalyptus, this lotion targets sore and tired muscles by stimulating blood circulation. Massage the lotion into your skin where it is absorbed quickly. Be sure to wash hands with soap and water after applying. You’ll soon experience a healing sensation of warmth that lasts long after application and relief from soreness is not far behind! This is a product that you always want to have nearby at home or the workplace. And…if you are planning a vacation, be sure to include Muscle Therapy Lotion on your packing list! Happy Spring! Book your Deep Tissue Massage at Spa Theology now!