Meditation is good for you!

Meditation practice can be an important component of one’s personal health and wellness schedule. It is important to take ‘time out’ to simply BE. These ‘time-outs’ are good for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. There are many types of meditation practices and ways to meditate.. Very simply, one can sit still in a quiet place, eyes closed, thinking of an inspiring thought or phrase. Or one can sit still and focus on breathing calmly for an extended length of time. Or one can focus attention on something that is inspiring or calming such as gazing at our beautiful mountains or listening to the sounds of a creek, river or waterfall.

A popular meditation option is called guided imagery. Guided imagery meditation is a process in which a person meditates while listening to the instructions of a teacher either in person or by audio means.  There may or may not be music in the background.

Through the use of guided imagery, one can change how one is feeling by changing one’s focus. Instead of focusing on the concerns of daily life, attention is drawn to the words of the instructor and the images and sensations that arise from listening to those words.

The health benefits of doing guided imagery meditations include stress reduction, lowered blood pressure, managing pain and an increased sense of personal well-being.

Spatheology offers two signature treatments that include guided imagery:

The first is our Power Animal Meditation. Through a guided visualization, this meditative experience uncovers your personal power animal upon which you can call for inspiration, creativity and support. This treatment includes a relaxing 60 minute massage.

The second treatment offering is our Wellness Foot Rituals. While sitting in our zero gravity chair, one’s feet are immersed in warm, salted water enhanced with your choice of essential oils. A luxurious wrap is placed over your shoulders, Bose speakers are placed on your ears and the de-stressing begins! A deep meditative and relaxing state ensues while listening to a guided meditation.

You may also choose our Wellness Foot Ritual and Massage which incorporates a soothing foot massage stimulating acupressure points.

Guided meditation is the easiest and simplest way to meditate and offers many benefits. If you are new to meditating  consider treating yourself to one of our guided meditation treatments at spatheology to kick start your practice. And, if you are a regular meditator, we guarantee that you will find these treatment options enjoyable and beneficial.