As the holidays approach, you may be reflecting on some of the things that you’re thankful for this year. Here at Spatheology, one of the most innovative of all Ashville NC spas, we have a lot of things to be thankful for. Being in Asheville – which is also home to the Asheville Bee Charmer – is one of them!

Unlike many other spas in Asheville, Spatheology is independently owned. We believe it’s important to support and encourage other locally owned small businesses. When one of those places specializes in small-batch, regionally-harvested honey, offering a little friendly support is a delight.

It’s even more delightful when we get to share the local love with you! That’s why you’ll find an assortment of locally inspired spa treatments at our Asheville NC spa – including this sweet one:

  • Asheville Bee Charmer Honey Lavender FacialThis 75-minute age-defying facial featuring locally harvested honey from the Bee Charmer takes advantage of honey’s natural antibacterial properties to rejuvenate your skin. When combined with our lavender milk masque, your complexion will be naturally glowing.

Research has shown that honey has a number of great benefits – the antibacterial properties that will enhance your facial is just one of them.

As University Health News points out in the Benefits of Honey: How It Can Heal You Inside and Out, “It adds a sweet touch to your favorite foods, but the benefits of honey extend way beyond taste.”

Among the health benefits of honey, according to University Health News are:

  1. One the most of important benefits of honey lies in its antioxidants. They include phenols and flavonoids, which can reduce oxidative stress and inflammationin your body while protecting you against strokeheart disease, and cancer.” To get a beneficial amount of antioxidants, consume at least one teaspoon of honey a day.
  2. Honey not only provides antioxidants that can protect you from heart disease, it can also help reduce your cholesterol levels.
  3. With its antibacterial and antiseptic properties, honey “can help heal burns, wounds, and other skin conditions….Honey can also be used to treat and prevent acnedandruff, and itchy skin.”
  4. Have you ever wondered why so many cough drops and cough syrups come in honey flavor? Well, according to University Health News, “Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, honey has been medically proven to reduce cough frequency and improve quality of sleep in children with the common cold. Studies also show that honey can be just as (if not more than) effective than over-the-counter cough medicines.”
  5. “It can boost athletic performance. Multiple studies conducted at the University of Memphis Exercise and Sport Nutrition Laboratoryfound that honey allowed 39 weight-trained athletes to sustain their blood sugar levels for over two hours following exercise. Honey also significantly increased the power and speed of nine competitive cyclists when compared to glucose and placebos.”
  6. Honey can ease digestive problems… To calm heartburn caused by acid reflux, eat one teaspoon of honey or mix it into a glass of warm water.”

PLEASE NOTE: University Health News cautions that honey should not be given to children under the age of 1.

When we say that Spatheology is an Asheville NC spa, we really mean it!  And we love sharing the best of Asheville with you – whether you’re a first-time visitor or an old friend.

If you’re ready to discover just how sweet honey can be when it comes to your skin, call 828.255.4171 to schedule your Asheville Bee Charmer Honey Lavender Facial or book online.

And don’t forget, there’s still time to take advantage of our Healthy Harvest Spa Package – one of the best Asheville spa deals around! It’s good through November 30.