Sacred. Even just at a glance, the word seems to stop us in our tracks. It is a word teeming with reverence and reflection bringing to mind timeless purity. Take a few moments to consider what that means to you personally. You may notice the loud buzz of noisy thoughts and worries will cease even if just for a moment.

This divine place of balance and tranquility is precisely the destination of Spa Theology’s Sacred Aromatherapy Massage, and you’re in charge of how you get there. Pick a scent from our wide selection on of aromatherapy oil blends and choose the pressure of your massage…this time we are following your lead!

It is amazing how a single scent has the power transfer us into a different time and place. Whether it evokes a specific memory, strong emotion, or general mood, an aroma can quickly transport our mind, body, and spirit into a different realm.

This is no new discovery, as the practice of aromatherapy dates back thousands of years. Oils such as Frankincense and Myrrh were often used in sacred ceremonies and were considered a highly valued gift. Drawing from the earth’s abundant variety of vegetation and tapping into nature’s synergy is truly the path to restoring balance and serenity to the body, mind, and soul.

Spa Theology’s Sacred Aromatherapy Massage incorporates a line called Lotus Wei Natural Essences. This company has been teaming up with Mother Nature since 2000 to create a line infused with the beautiful energy of the earth’s flowers. According to their website, the word “Wei” can mean either “transformative action” or “for the benefit of all.” With this in mind, Lotus Wei’s founder, Katie Hess, has worked tirelessly to extract and develop the invaluable benefits of various indigenous flowers. At Spa Theology, we carry these blends: Inner Peace, Infinite Love, Pure Energy, Inspired Action, Quiet Mind, and Joy Juice. Read about them here, and take your pick! The soothing aromatic blend of your choice will be applied as your therapist focuses on pressure points throughout the body.

Overall, the idea of acupressure is that certain points in your hands and feet correspond with bodily organs. Applying rhythmic pressure to these points promotes a healthy flow of energy to the corresponding organs, enhancing their ability to function effectively. We invite you to take a deep breath. Fill your lungs with the precious elixirs of the earth while also absorbing their multifaceted benefits through the skin. Our Sacred Aromatherapy Massage is available in 60 or 90 minutes. We can’t wait to journey with you on this great escape!