Bringing The Spa Home: Tips To Transform Your House Into Your Sanctuary. 

Promoting relaxation, stress release and good health is the mission of spa. Many elements go together to achieve that mission. These include a skilled and professional staff, high quality treatments and the overall physical atmosphere which includes lighting, music, furnishings, linens, and even refreshments.

Upon entering a spa, stress release should immediately begin. Your eyes should see beauty and orderliness, your ears should hear calming music, your nose should smell only pleasing odors, the seating should be comfortable to the touch.

At spatheology, we believe our guests are entering a sanctuary dedicated to wellness.

Your home can also be your sanctuary…taking you away from the hustle and bustle of daily life and offering relaxation and renewal. There are a number of websites offering tips for transforming your home into your sanctuary.

These tips include clearing clutter, adding plants, optimizing natural light, creating a special place/space for yoga or meditation, adding natural fragrance, opening windows to get fresh air, and considering how colors affect you before painting or re-painting.

Another important component of a home sanctuary is the ambiance and comfort of your bedroom. We spend a third of our life sleeping and the better sleep we get, the better we look, feel and function during the day. How your bedroom looks and feels should promote relaxation and rest. The same tips for transforming the rest of your home into a sanctuary apply to your bedroom. Additionally, the quality of your bedding affects your sense of wellness.  People are increasingly aware of the toxins used in the manufacture of conventional bedding and are looking for healthier alternatives. Natural Sleep Mattress,   is a premier organic bedding store based in Atlanta but able to ship anywhere in the United States. This store features bedding made by such renowned companies as Hasten’s and Organicpedic. The highest quality natural and organic materials go into the manufacture of these companies’ products and will offer years of satisfaction.

In today’s stress filled world, environments that promote calmness, relaxation and stress reduction have become increasingly important to our overall health. Ideally, as you walk through the front door of your home, put your keys down and take off your coat, you can also inhale and exhale a deep, “Ahhh, it’s good to be here!”