Self-Care Tips for Busy Moms

As all mothers know, being and doing your best as a parent is a challenging proposition. Many moms also work outside the home which compounds the responsibilities and the stress. With all the demands placed upon moms – whether stay- at- home moms or working moms –  it’s all too easy to ignore the need for self-care. It takes some effort to design a balanced life by making choices that support your body, mind and soul, but the effort is well worth it. Below are some suggestions of activities to incorporate into your daily life.

  1. Get outside and take a short walk. This can provide a change of scene which can refresh you and re-focus yours and/or your children’s energy if that is needed
  2. Exercise – if possible, plan a half hour session into your daily schedule.
  3. Take a bath with added essential oils such as lavender or rosemary, or salt.
  4. Do something creative that you enjoy – whether it be singing, cooking, writing, gardening, sewing, drawing, pottery, meditating, mindfulness practice journaling.. carve out a time in your daily or weekly schedule for it.
  5. Eat well – make sure you are getting nutritious foods into your diet regularly including fruits, vegetables and whole grains.
  6. Plan a regular date night with your partner or friends. Adult -only time is so important.
  7. Prioritize sleep. Chronic lack of sleep has adverse health effects.
  8. Have an ’empathy team,’people you can turn to who will just listen when you feel stressed or overwhelmed.
  9. Take time to pause and rest.A short afternoon nap might be just the thing to refresh you for the rest of your daily responsibilities.
  10. Treat yourself once in awhile. Give yourself the present of a spa treatment, totally focused on your relaxation and renewal. It may surprise you just how long giving yourself the gift of spa will carry you happily through the coming days.