On any given night, millions of Americans are tossing and turning. Apparently 75% of us have trouble sleeping at least a few nights a week. The experts say that an occasional sleepless night is nothing to worry about. A chronic lack of sleep, however, can cause irritability, weight gain, high blood pressure and a host of other serious health problems. It’s enough to give you nightmares!

On the bright side, recent studies indicate that, with a solid eight hours, you’ll not only feel better, you’ll look better! Chances are, you’ll also boost your creativity and enhance your memory.

If you’re not sleeping well, there may be a simple reason. According to researchers, all that time we spend in front of our screens – whether it’s your phone, your tablet or computer – can wreak havoc on your sleep cycles. The National Sleep Foundation reports, “Careful studies have shown that even our small electronic devices emit sufficient light to miscue the brain and promote wakefulness. As adults we are subject to these influences and our children. are particularly susceptible.”

If you’re finding sleep elusive, these suggestions may help:

  • Instead of sleeping pills, try an herbal supplement, such as valerian or passion flower. Talk to an expert to determine the remedy that’s right for you.
  • Consider taking up tai chi, a number of studies show that this meditative form of exercise may help ease insomnia. Yoga may also be beneficial.
  • Research from the Journal of Advanced Nursing shows that listening to calming music just before bed leads to more restful sleep (think Mozart not Metallica).
  • Turn out the light – and everything else! You’ll want to make your bedroom as dark as possible. That means shutting off all your electronics. A sleep mask may also help.
  • Sprinkle your pillowcase with a few drops of chamomile, lavender, or ylang ylang essential oil; the Journal of Psychopharmacology reported that each can improve sleep.

At Spatheology – believed by many to be the best North Carolina day spa – we offer a number of relaxing and therapeutic services that may also help you unwind and set the stage for a peaceful night’s rest.

You may want to try our Wellness Foot Ritual, which includes an herbal foot soak that will ease the tension in your joints, soften the tough skin on the soles of your feet and provide a comforting sense of warmth that sinks deep into your body. You’ll relax in a zero-gravity chair while a guided meditation allows you to immersive yourself in a calming and centering experience. You’ll also have the option to select a locally produced Privai Essential Oil blend to complement your experience.

Among the most innovative spas in Asheville, NC, Spatheology also offers a Sacred Aromatherapy Massage. that involves the application of therapeutic essential oils in a beautiful sequence to restore harmony to the nervous system for deep relaxation.

Other relaxing options at our spa in Asheville, NC, include a River Rock Massage.. This service uses heated Basalt Stones to ease your stress and melt the tension that may be keeping you up at night. There’s also a classic relaxation massage, which uses gentle pressure, soothing strokes and steamed towels to prepare you for a good night’s rest.

The National Sleep Foundation also recommends that you keep to a regular schedule. That means going to bed and getting up at the same time every day – even on the weekends. They also say you should consider exercise. “Vigorous exercise is best,” they say, “but even light exercise is better than no activity. Exercise at any time of day, but not at the expense of your sleep.”

There’s been a lot of talk recently about the recommendation to keep your bedroom on the cool side. The National Sleep Foundation says between 60 and 67 degrees is good.