As you launch into the long weekend, protect your skin on all fronts and you’ll harness that gorgeous summer glow in no time. Here are six skincare essentials to pack in your bag this weekend.

Summer Skincare Essentials To Pack In Your Bag

1. Calming Aloe Hydrator

This hydrator should take up permanent residency in your beach bag. Aloe leaf juice is perfect after a long day in the sun—a true skin quencher that calms, soothes and hydrates.

Wide Brimmed Hat

BroadspectrumSPFis always an absolute must, but go the extra mile to protect against sun damage by also wearing a wide brimmed hat.

Privai Body Mist

A spritz of this light mist, infused with lavender and verveine essential oils,  will cool the face and body in the heat, while also uplifting the mind and toning the skin.

A Healthy Snack: Fresh Fruit

The sun, the sand and fresh chilled fruit—the perfect ingredients for a day at the beach. We love watermelon slices for the high water content—92%! Talk about hydration and a sweet, refreshing treat!

5. Lip Crème

 Don’t forget your lips need some loving too! If you’re spending all day in the sun, your lips are bound to get a little dry. Our nourishing Lip Crème will heal your chapped lips in no time.

6. Hydration

It’s more important than everto drink water when you’re under the sizzling sun.Try addinglemon, mint and cucumber for a delicious twist that’s sure to keep you hydrated as you sweat.

Happy Labor Day Weekend From Privai!