This blog features two of our wonderful therapists:

Remy, a massage therapist at Spatheology is a recent graduate of the Asheville School of Massage and Yoga. She also holds a Bachelor’s degree in psychology from UNC-A. She started working with us in June and in her first 90 days, has already been named an “Employee of the Month!” It seems that it has been ‘in the stars’ for Remy to become an MT. Her father is a successful massage therapist with his own practice, so Remy was familiar with the profession as a child. Growing up in Asheville, she started massaging her elementary school bus driver, Ms. Payne, as she drove. Remy understood early on that massage made people feel better. But she didn’t plan to become an MT. While receiving therapy for a broken foot, her physical therapist encouraged her to pursue a healing modality. Remy loves massage therapy and knows she is good at it! She says that she ‘is an artist and my modality is energy and body work.’ Her life goals include being the best at what she does, pursuing yoga and meditation teacher training and to one day open a retreat space for people seeking self-care.

Remy believes that the ISM Five Star Guest Service Standards are the guidelines designed to assist the therapists in creating the optimum treatment environment for each and every guest. Receiving a spa treatment is a highly personal experience and it is of the utmost importance to create a physical and interpersonal environment in which the guest feels safe and comfortable.

Karen is an esthetician at Spatheology and has been with us for two and a half years. With a Bachelor’s degree in marketing and management, she decided she wanted to be in a profession that offered her more creativity. She obtained her esthetics license and practiced for 16 years in Michigan before moving to Asheville three years ago. Currently, she holds dual licenses in both Michigan and North Carolina.

Karen enjoys helping her guests with their every day skin issues, advising them on skin care and what to do if there is a particular problem. She says that the two most important things to do for our skin is to 1. exfoliate and 2. use sunscreen. Karen says that her life goals include keeping up with the new technologies in skin care and being able to share the latest information on skin care with her guests. The skin care field is constantly developing. An example she shared is that women are getting away from plastic surgery and are looking for safer, less invasive ways to look youthful. Esthetics offers these safer ways. When thinking about the ISM Five Star Guest Service Standards, Karen explained that it is an important part of her job to treat people with respect, to help them relax and enjoy their experience. Additionally, she loves to teach each guest something pertaining to his/her individual needs. These treatment components result in a satisfied guest who will return in the future.