As the days of 2019 wane, we have a great opportunity to consider what we want to create in our lives for the incoming fresh, new year. We’re in favor of new year’s resolutions, but why not also use the strike of midnight to reflect on the past year? Can you make time for thought and reflection, even at this busy time of year? Can you make precious time for yourself a priority — and commit to giving yourself this gift?

Here’s what this commitment looks like:

Set aside an hour or two for quiet reflection. Pick a spot that’s cozy and away from distractions. Maybe that’s a room you love in your home or a quiet corner at your favorite cafe. Maybe you want to spend a few hours at a spa wrapped in a thick robe. Maybe you can find a spot in nature to relax and think.

Have a notebook in hand and a favorite pen or pencil. Include a mug of warm tea or a glass of wine, and light a candle — create a setting that will help you sit in peace.

Ponder these important questions:

  1. What were my wins in 2019? What did I do right? What shall I continue to do?
  2. Where did I come up short in 2019? What needs improvement?
  3. What needs to get edited in 2020? What needs to be cut from my life?

During this time of year, we tend to focus on what’s next. Although it’s exciting to create a future path, we can’t forget to reflect on the previous year because it shows us what’s working, what’s not working, and where we can better invest our energy.

We hope 2020 brings a plethora of adventures into your life — whatever brings you fulfillment, authentic happiness, and makes you feel the most alive. To ring in the new decade, we’re giving away a FREE mini face and body oil of your choice with your purchase of $75 of botanically-based skincare from Privai. These perfect mini travel droppers will complete your skincare regimen on the go and bring a radiant glow wherever your heart takes you.

Cheers for the healthiest and happiest year yet!