Nothing can quite surpass the sensation of built up back tension gently melting away beneath the heat of a warm compress. On second thought, nothing can quite compare to the relief provided by a cold ice pack to a swollen, twisted ankle. So what is it about these varying degrees of the temperature spectrum that serves as a recipe for relief, and how do we know when to apply which?

As a general rule, heat is applied to muscle or joint areas experiencing stiffness or chronic/recurring discomfort. An example of this would be tension and stiffness carried in the neck or shoulders. The application of heat increases circulation to these concentrated areas, thereby supplying muscles and joints with oxygen and nutrients. This naturally promotes healing, relaxation, and relief.

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Alternatively, in the case of swelling or bruising, it is time to break out the ice. Since swollen areas are already experiencing a heightened level of blood flow, a cold compress will tone down the circulation, helping to reduce inflammation and the pain which accompanies it. A cold compress or ice pack is appropriate for swelling caused by sprains, bruising, and other injuries.

At Spa Theology, we carry a line called Luxury Therapeutics specifically because it caters to both hot and cold therapy. This line’s velvety soft spa treats include shoulder wraps, neck cozies, booties, and eye pillows. Filled with a combination of herbs and grains, Luxury Therapeutics items may be either heated in the microwave for 30 seconds or frozen to suit your specific needs…a recipe for pampering at its finest!

Keep in mind that you should always consult with a specialized physical therapist if you are experiencing continued pain or discomfort.

Thank you for learning with us!