The gradual reveal of vibrant colors peeking out from tree to tree and those first hints of cool autumn air never fail to awaken a sense of awe and revelation. Yet as the breeze gently carries the falling leaves, filling the atmosphere with new energy and constant movement, we often don an extra layer, order a spiced latte, and become rather…still. Tapping into that calm, still place is an essential part of every season, but when it gets cold it takes a bit more effort to prevent a healthy calm from taking on an unhealthy stagnant quality.

You guessed it. Spa Theology offers the perfect treatment to help re-stimulate your body’s natural flow. Our Herbal Detox Massage is specifically designed to promote healing and enhance full body cleansing and detoxification…all while basking in ultimate relaxation. Because sometimes you just want to have your cake and eat it too.

Let’s take a look at the effectively simple 3-part breakdown of our Herbal Detox Massage.

1. Dry Body Brush Exfoliation

The experience begins with a gentle wake up call to the circulatory system. The dry body brush exfoliation serves to gently slough away dead skin, promote healthy circulation, and awaken the lymphatic system, a vital part of the body’s immune system which flushes the body of toxins. The increase in blood flow begins to warm and relax tense muscles while the exfoliation reveals the skin’s natural glow, making it able to absorb and retain nourishment.

**Treatment Bonus: The dry body brush used in your treatment is yours to keep! Always brush using heart-bound strokes. Add this to your morning routine before showering to energize for the day and prep your skin to be more thoroughly cleansed and moisturized.

2. Herbal Poultice Compression

The therapy continues as a steamed herbal poultice is rhythmically rolled and compressed over each muscle group. Herbal aromatherapy combined with the heat of the poultice promotes muscle healing and relaxation while soothing the mind and senses.

**Fun fact: This tried and true technique originated during the Middle Ages in Thailand as a muscle soothing remedy for soldiers returning from war. []

3. Detox Massage

Body, skin, and mind are now amply primed to indulge in a relaxing massage with our Tara Aromatherapy Detox Oil! Blended with essential oils such as fennel, juniper, cypress, grapefruit, orange, black pepper, and rosemary, Tara Detox Oil continues to enhance healthy circulation, metabolism, and lymphatic drainage. Freshly exfoliated skin happily welcomes the nourishing benefits of the massage oil.

**Additional Tara Aromatherapy Oil blends available in Spa Theology’s boutique! Learn more about Tara Aromatherapy

What a journey! Take time to relax and reflect after your Herbal Detox Massage, noting how your muscles and state of mind have transcended from a place of stagnation and stiffness into one flowing with energy and healing.