A study that was published in the journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons showed people can most accurately guess your age by looking at your hands. When you stop to think about it, it makes perfect sense. The skin on the back of our hands is extremely delicate and there isn’t much in the way of subcutaneous fat to cushion the blow when we expose that skin to a hot sun or bitter wind. Household cleansers and alkaline-based soaps take their toll, too.

Your hands are among the hardest working – and most visible – parts of your body. For a more youthful appearance, treat them right! Keep a pair of rubber gloves handy when you’re doing the dishes or rinsing out a few things in the sink; they’ll protect your skin from drying soaps, detergents and chemicals.

You might also want to consider starting a new trend by keeping a pair of stylish driving gloves in the car. The harsh rays of the sun are responsible for as much as 90% of the wrinkles and brown spots that give away your true age. You may want to keep some sun block or maybe even a luscious moisturizer loaded with SPF by the front door and treat your hands every time you head out to the car.

You may also want to schedule a Refined Radiance Facial at Spatheology, the Asheville, North Carolina spa with a thoughtful difference. Not only will your skin look brighter and smoother thanks to our peptide-infused serums and microcurrent technology. This facial also includes a vitamin-C masque to rejuvenate your skin’s vitality and restore your youthful glow. Even better – it comes with a luxurious silk polishing hand ritual!

The basis for any good skincare regimen includes using a gentle cleanser (avoid harsh hand soaps), periodic exfoliation (no more than twice a week for the delicate skin on the back of your hands) and plenty of rich moisture (as an added incentive, treat yourself to a moisturizer scented with a fragrance that will lift your spirits as well as soften your skin).

The bottom line? If you want to put your best – and most youthful – face forward, take care of your hands.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you should neglect all the other fabulous parts of you! Winter weather is always hard on skin. From the season’s cold winds to the dry indoor heat that keeps you cozy and warm, the winter months are associated with a handful of harsh environmental factors.

To keep your skin glowing, schedule a facial or a hydrating body treatment at Spatheology, a leader among Asheville, NC, spas. Now through February 28, 2018, we are offering a Winter Spa Special featuring rose essential oil and rose quartz. Rose essential oil has natural healing properties that will help you banish dull winter skin. Roses have traditionally been sued to soothe irritated skin. According to HealthMad.com, rose oil can also help reduce inflammation on the skin. Rose oil has also been credited with refining the texture of skin. Research even indicates that it may be useful in healing wounds.

Simply smelling rose essential oil can do you a world of good – especially during the winter months, when the sun may play hard to get. There have been studies indicating that the scent can calm and soothe, perhaps even help in the treatment of depression.

Our Asheville spa turns to locally based Privai, a leader in natural skincare products, for quality essential oils. That way, we know that our services will deliver the utmost in benefits. If you’re looking for Asheville spa deals, you’ll love Spatheology’s Winter Wellness Special – whether you’re looking for a facial or massage.