Making time just for ourselves can be challenging but it is so important. One activity to consider doing in those precious self-care moments is a foot soak.

Our feet do so much for us. They bear all our weight as they carry us wherever we need to go.

Our feet are connected to every part of our body with 72,000 nerve endings! During a soak, the healing power of water promotes relaxation and draws toxins out of the body through the sweat glands in the feet. Foot soaks also have the power to alleviate discomfort such as abdominal pain, headaches, cramps and flu symptoms.  Additionally, foot soaks can help quell foot odor, heal fungus or ingrown nails and sooth the skin.

Spatheology offers a “wellness foot ritual” that includes a lovely soak in a beautiful copper tub while the guest relaxes in a zero gravity chair, eyes covered by a satin eye mask, listening to a guided meditation. How luxuriously wonderful! Before the treatment begins, the therapist explains the soaking process and the choices of essential oil blends that will be added to the salted water. These blends are made locally by Privai and create a personalized experience. Even yummier!

Guests may also choose to add a foot massage and exfoliation to their foot soak. The soothing massage stimulates acupressure points on the feet, which helps to promote wellness throughout the internal organs. This is total luxury, yet it’s great for your body, too!

 Whether guests simply choose ‘the wellness foot ritual’ or ‘the wellness foot ritual and massage’, they are sure to experience deep relaxation and a meditative state. And their feet will feel great, too! They might even shout, “thank you!”

In between visits to the spa for your luxurious foot soak, you can get into the practice of soaking your feet at home to make sure you’re keeping those feet, which do so much for us, happy and healthy!