Does the dad in your life still thinks that spas like Spatheology day spa in North Carolina, in are for ladies only?  He wouldn’t be alone. Despite the rapidly expanding number of skin and body care products formulated specifically for men and the continually growing number of men who have discovered the health and wellness benefits of enjoying an Asheville massage, customized skin treatment or a manly pedi, there are still guys who have yet to walk through the doors of an Asheville spa.

If your dad is one of the holdouts, introducing him to the kind of healthy relaxation available through body treatments and therapeutic massage at Asheville’s Spa theology, would truly be an incredible Father’s Day gift – even if he doesn’t know it yet!

After spending time in The Men Zone – a fabulous package offered at our spa in Asheville, NC, that was crafted specifically with him in mind – he’ll be convinced!  For two and a half wonderful hours, he’ll experience a range of Asheville spa experiences, including Spatheology’s Skin Conditioning for Men Facial using products customized for his skin type and our Burial Beer Treatment, featuring a therapeutic pressure massage and hop-infused body treatment. We’ll even treat him to a glass of Asheville’s finest craft beer.

Historically, there’s nothing new about men going to the spa. In fact, you can trace the history of Asheville, NC’s spas to ancient Rome.  And get this – the oldest spa structure in the United States is the Gentlemen’s Pool House located in Warm Springs, Virginia.  Built in 1761, the large, octagonal, wooden building was erected over and around the natural springs that feed the pools with warm, bubbling water known for its therapeutic power. A hole in the roof to allows steam from the mineral-rich waters to escape.

In 1818, Thomas Jefferson spent three weeks relaxing at the mountain spa. George Washington, Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman and Richard Nixon are among the many other U.S. presidents who have relied on spa treatments to help them manage the intense pressures of the job.

According to the Roanoke Times, Jefferson soaked in the 98-degree spring water of the Gentlemen’s Pool House three times a day and proclaimed the spring’s waters to be ‘of the first merit.’” The Washington Post reports that Stonewall Jackson and Robert E. Lee also took advantage of the therapeutic retreat.  Even Mrs. Lee immersed herself in the warm waters.  (Until they got their own Pool House in 1836, the ladies were allowed to use the Gentleman’s Pool only at certain appointed times.)

The natural springs were drawing visitors long before someone thought to enclose them. Local legends say that Native Americans journeying through the valley discovered these magnificent crystal springs hundreds of years ago, and archaeological evidence seems to confirm that this area has been used by humans for at least 9,000 years.

As the Omni Homestead Resort, which owns and maintains what are now called the historical Jefferson Pools, “The United States Geological Survey has determined that these springs have a remarkably uniform rate of flow and temperature. Unaffected by changes of the seasons, the waters remain at a natural body temperature all year and flow at the astounding rate of 1,700,000 gallons per day. The waters have an unusually high level of mineral content and are so crystal clear a book can easily be read through them.”