Here at Spatheology, we love coming up with fantastic Asheville spa deals for you to enjoy. And we have one we think you’re going to love! If you’ve had enough of winter’s chill, we thought that a massage or facial blooming with the natural healing properties of rose essential oil combined with those of rose quartz crystals from your favorite day spa in North Carolina may be just what you need to restore your equilibrium – and your smile.

SpaTheology does have a reputation as one of the most innovative day spas in North Carolina, but we can’t take credit for being the first to recognize the possibilities rose quartz crystals offer us. These gifts from the earth have been prized for hundreds of years.

In Why Crystal Facials Might Be the Secret to Better Skin from Elle, it says, “The use of stones for wellbeing and healing goes back centuries and is in the bedrock (sorry) of some cultural health philosophies.”

Discover the benefits of rose quartz

Rose quartz has historically been associated with matters of the heart. (And we all know Valentine’s Day is just around the corner!) But that is only one aspect of the crystal’s energy. Rose quartz is said to connect us to the heart of the earth and the heart of the universe. It is associated with joy, longevity, healing and the rebirth of hope and faith.

Getting a massage at Asheville’s own Spatheology that taps into the power of rose quartz can help to:

  • Restore energetic balance
  • Increase circulation
  • Remove impurities to promote physical and emotional wellbeing

Sharing the love

Coming up with great Asheville spa deals isn’t the only thing we love to do, of course. We are a locally owned spa in Asheville NC and we love to partner with other locally owned businesses in our community.

So, we are extra excited to offer you our Winter Wellness special featuring exceptional skin care products from Privai, the Asheville-based company committed to quality natural skincare through consciously sourced, botanically based, results driven ingredients that speak to the essence of mindful living.

February may have fewer days than any other month, but it can seem to last forever if you are living somewhere where the grey skies of winter have been all too constant. Imagine how much better you’ll feel after a visit to your favorite spa in Asheville, NC!
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