Spatheology, one of the most welcoming spas in Asheville, NC, is the place where you can go when you need to replenish your weary body and your anxious mind. Located in the heart of downtown Asheville, SpaTheology is an urban oasis where you can enjoy a custom spa experience that will renew your spirt. Listening to one-sided cellphone conversations or a constant symphony of ringtones and text notifications, would kind of ruin the vibe.

To ensure that you are able to fully embrace the spirit of wellness and get the most from your time with us without or being distracted by cellphones – yours or others – we ask all of our clients to turn their cell phones off when the enter our Asheville NC spa.  You are here to enjoy the healing and therapeutic touch of our talented therapists; you don’t need to be reminded of the stress and strain of the world outside the doors of our Asheville spa.

It may seem like people are using their phones everywhere these days, but SpaTheology, a leader among Asheville spas, isn’t the only place where you shouldn’t be using your phone.

The offered a list of 11 Surprising Places Where You Can’t Use Your Phone, EverTheir list includes:

  • The Sistine Chapel

“The guards in this famous place of worship yell: ‘No photo! No video!’ at visitors with alarming frequency,” the site’s food editor, Alice Johnston, reports. “It’s a definite no-no for you to pull out your phone and start ’gramming your travels here.” Instead of looking at your screen, she recommends you check out the incredible art!

  • Pop concerts

Johnston tells us that, “Artists are getting sick of gazing into a sea camera phones staring back at them. So they’re banning them. Alicia Keys goes even further,” she says, “giving every concert attendee a sealed, lockable pouch they must place their phones into to gain access to the gig. The only way to check your messages is to exit and unlock the bag. Forget filming a wobbly video you’ll probably never watch again and concentrate on actually listening to the music you paid to see.”  One more reason to love Alicia Keys!

Spas in Asheville NC, like SpaTheology didn’t make Johnston’s list, but we’re sure she would think it’s a good idea.

On Dell’s blog, you’ll find a list of 10 places where you shouldn’t use your phone by Bryan Abrams, who says, “Many international airlines now let you power up your pocket-sized device while in the sky, but it’s still illegal in the U.S. While the in-flight phone debate is still up in the air, there are some places where it definitely isn’t a good idea to talk, text or tweet.”

Hospitals top the Dell list.  “The “No Cellphone” sign you see in the waiting room is there for a reason,” Abrams explains. “Radio-frequency energy from cellphones can still interfere with pacemakers and defibrillators. That’s the technical reason but refraining from talking on your cellphone in the waiting room is also just good manners.”

Also on Dell’s list of cellphone-free zones are:

  • Trains – “Work-day commutes are a chore in themselves, so be kind to your fellow passenger. The bus or train is no place for a phone call – no one else needs to hear about your dreaded morning meeting or 6 p.m. dinner plans. However, this is one place where texting and surfing the Web on your phone is okay,” Abrams says.
  • Locker Rooms – “Most gyms have clear rules forbidding cellphones from locker rooms, but they are rarely enforced. After all, when do you ever see a gym employee stationed in the locker room on cellphone patrol? Most cellphones now have cameras, and these rules are in place for your privacy protection. It’s easy to snap a secret picture and even more easy to share it with the world.”

Once again, SpaTheology, a leading innovator among Asheville NC spas, wasn’t on the list.

There are still plenty of places and plenty of ways to use your phone – including making a call to SpaTheology to schedule an appointment for the best Asheville massage you’ve ever had!