Signature Spa

Locally crafted holistic treatments

Dobra Tea House |  Allow the detoxifying and anti-aging properties of Matcha green tea to help you drift away in this relaxing body treatment.  A Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage is complemented by a 3-step face cleanse, Matcha face masque and a foot treatment.  Enjoy a hot cup of Dobra Tea after your treatment. 90 minutes/$180

Asheville Brewing Company Treatment |  Since ancient times, beer has been used to freshen, soothe and hydrate the skin. Enjoy our microbrew Swedish Massage complemented by a hop-infused body wrap and therapeutic scalp treatment. Includes one of Asheville's finest local brews to sip. 75 minutes/$145

French Broad Chocolate Lounge Treatment |  The ultimate in chocolate decadence! Experience the scent and sensation of local organic Cacao during this rich body massage and hydrating body sealant.  Take home a little piece of French Broad Chocolate Lounge. 60 minutes/$105

Lotus Wei Essence Massage |  Experience immediate positive effects on state of mind with this relaxing massage.  Dissolve stress and add peace, clarity, and happiness with your choice of flower essence oils. 60 minutes/$110, 90 minutes/$155

Organic Lavender Ritual |  Allow yourself to relax and de-stress with this naturally hydrating body treatment.  A dry body exfoliation detoxifies and is followed by a soothing massage complemented with organic lavender butter and a luxurious foot treatment. 90 minutes/$175

Power Animal Meditation |  Through a guided visualization, this meditative experience uncovers your personal power animal upon which you can call for inspiration, creativity and support. Includes a relaxing massage. 60 minutes/$110


Sacred Aromatherapy |  Therapeutic essential oils are applied in a beautiful sequence restoring balance and tranquility to the mind and body. 60 minutes/$90, 90 minutes/$125

Therapeutic Deep Tissue |  A customized massage using deep tissue techniques, heated muscle packs, and Privai Muscle therapy lotion to relieve tension and stress. 30 min/$60, 60 min/$95, 90 min/$135

River Rock Massage |  Heated Stones are massaged into sore muscles to melt away tension and relieve stress. 60 minutes/$95, 90 minutes/$135

Swedish Massage |  Classic relaxation massage.  Soothing massage strokes are used to promote stress relief. 30 min/$55, 60 min/$85, 90 min/$115

Reflexology |  This ancient treatment stimulates specific points along the feet for their healing benefits. 15 minutes/$25, 30 minutes/$50

Mother Massage |  Expectant mothers will feel pampered and nurtured as your therapist provides a full body massage to relieve the common discomforts associated with pregnancy.  All products are safe for new moms, moms to-be and baby. 60 minutes/$95, 90 minutes/$135

Skin Care

Lavender & Honey Facial |  This soothing facial features a locally produced lavender milk masque mixed with local honey from North Carolina. 75 minutes/$115

The Signature |  This custom facial includes our signature facial massage, soothing serums, and a paraben-free facial peel. 60 minutes/$100

Nourishing “C” |  Concentrated Vitamin C stimulates collagen synthesis, balances and brightens sluggish skin. 75 minutes/$125

Ultimate Age Eraser |  Reinvent your skin.  A highly activated facial peel is enhanced with Matrixyl 3000 and pentapeptides.  Dissolves years of environmental damage, premature aging and fine lines.  75 minutes/$135

Classic Facial |  Our 'classic' incorporates proven techniques to deeply cleanse and tone your skin. 30 minutes/$55, 60 minutes/$85

Aromatherapy Facial |  Indulge your senses and nourish your skin. Embrace a unique blend of aromatherapy oils incorporated with our Classic Facial. 60 minutes/$100

LED Treatment |  An excellent treatment that plumps up aging skin by boosting collagen production, treats mild acne, and calms redness.  Must be complemented with a 30 or 60 minute facial.  $50

*Ask your esthetician about adding a renewing peel to enhance your facial treatment.

Body Therapies

Curative combinations for the mind and body

Hydrate & Renew |  Incredibly rich and completely relaxing, this superb face and back treatment includes Collagen-enriched Privai products using anti-aging serums and a hydrating masque applied to face and body.  A cocooning antioxidant rich body wrap completes this luxurious experience leaving you glowing from head to toe. 105 minutes/$235

Cleansing Clay Body Treatment |  Cleansing French Clay is delicately blended with Green Tea to provide complete antioxidant support and purification.  This treatment involves lymphatic skin brushing with gentle exfoliation, hot stones, and a therapeutic full body massage.  A purifying face treatment completes your rejuvenation experience. 105 minutes/$210

Herbal Detox Treatment |  This detoxifying treatment begins with a dry body brush exfoliation, followed by a botanical herb poultice massage to promote healing and relieve muscle tension. Warm heat packs are applied to the body to enhance detoxification. Enjoy a complimentary take home dry body brush. 60 minutes/$130, 90 minutes/$175

A Taste of Spa Theology |  Seventy-five minutes of bliss. Experience a gentle full body exfoliation to slough away rough skin, a warm cocooning body wrap, a Privai purifying face treatment and a full body relaxing massage.  This signature Spa Theology treatment provides a renewed sense of serenity and calm. 75 minutes/$165

Soothing Aloe Body Wrap |  This hydrating body wrap includes gentle exfoliation and relaxing foot massage.  Softens and soothes even the most sensitive skin! 45 minutes/$60

Aromatherapy Body Wrap |  A delicate blend of therapeutic oils provide mind and body renewal after a gentle skin exfoliation.  A restoring wrap perfect before or after a Sacred Aromatherapy massage. 45 minutes/$60

Privai Antioxidant Treatment |  After a stimulating lymphatic exfoliation, experience a luxurious, antioxidant-rich cocooning wrap with a 3-step face cleanse highlighted by a neck, scalp and foot massage. 60 minutes/$85

Privai Body Ritual |  Includes all the antioxidant benefits of the Privai Antioxidant Treatment with the heated healing benefit of a full body hot stone massage and anti-aging face treatment. 90 minutes/$190

Nail Care

All nail services include custom shaping, grooming, and expert nail polish application.

The Classic Manicure |  Includes exfoliation and hydrating massage.  30 minutes/$30

The Classic Pedicure |  Includes exfoliation and hydrating massage.  45 minutes/$45

The Signature Manicure |  Includes exfoliation, warm paraffin and your choice of aromatic oils. 45 minutes/$45

The Signature Pedicure |  Includes exfoliation, warm paraffin and your choice of aromatic oils. 60 minutes/$60

Gentleman’s Manicure30 minutes/$25

Gentleman’s Pedicure40 minutes/$35

Healing Pedicure  |  Intense repair for dry, cracked feet. Includes exfoliation, nutrient rich moisturizer, and a warm paraffin wax. 60 minutes/$65

Shellac Manicure |  Enhance your polish with a two week manicure. 45 minutes/$40

Shellac Removal & Reapply |  Enhance your polish with a two week manicure. 60 minutes/$50


Brow $20
Chin $15
Lip $15
Leg $40
Full Leg $55
Bikini $40
Barely There $55
Brazilian $75
Underarm $25
Half Back $35
Full Back $55


Therapeutic Scalp Treatment |  Perfect for those with headache, tension, or stress. $15

Exfoliating Foot Treatment |  A refreshing exfoliation to reveal soft, supple feet. $20

Body Exfoliation |  Begin your massage or facial with a full body dry brush exfoliation to stimulate the lymph system, slough away dry skin, and increase circulation. $20

Hot Stones |  Healing stones add warmth and tranquility to your spa treatment.  $20

Soothing Facial Masque |  Add this aloe and azulene face masque to any massage or body treatment.  $20

Hydra Gel Masque |  A perfect addition to any facial to combat wrinkles and blemishes.  Brightens and hydrates dull or aged skin. $20

Collagen Eye Masque |  Diminish puffiness, fatigue, and fine lines.  Immediately notice how your eyes look rested and restored. $20

Collagen Lip Masque |  Collagen infused masque plumps the skin around the lips for a fuller, wrinkle-free pout. $20