Sacred Aromatherapy |  Therapeutic essential oils are applied in a beautiful sequence restoring balance and tranquility to the mind and body. 60 minutes/$90, 90 minutes/$125

Therapeutic Deep Tissue |  A customized massage using deep tissue techniques, heated muscle packs, and Privai Muscle therapy lotion to relieve tension and stress. 30 min/$60, 60 min/$95, 90 min/$135

River Rock Massage |  Heated Stones are massaged into sore muscles to melt away tension and relieve stress. 60 minutes/$95, 90 minutes/$135

Swedish Massage |  Classic relaxation massage.  Soothing massage strokes are used to promote stress relief. 30 min/$55, 60 min/$85, 90 min/$115

Reflexology |  This ancient treatment stimulates specific points along the feet for their healing benefits. 15 minutes/$25, 30 minutes/$50

Mother Massage |  Expectant mothers will feel pampered and nurtured as your therapist provides a full body massage to relieve the common discomforts associated with pregnancy.  All products are safe for new moms, moms to-be and baby. 60 minutes/$95, 90 minutes/$135